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Naomi KAZAMA / かざまなおみ

アーティスト / 鎌倉生まれ。
白と黒のみを用いて力強く、ビビットに対象を描いた作品や、色を用いて広がりのあるヒカリやココロのように掴むことが出来ない有象無形を描いた作品が多い。木をモチーフにした作品がいくつかあるが、それはシェル・シヴァスタイン作の”Great Tree”(邦題 – 大きな木)からの影響で、与えるというメッセージへの共感である。
正しい答えを知ることより、シンプルに尋ねることに重きを置き、”stop making things : 簡素で抽象的”を製作している。

Naomi was born in Kamakura, Japan. In 1993, he moved to San Diego, California.
There, he met Shepard Fairey, and learned silkscreening from him.
In 1998, back in Japan, he began doing experimental art projects, by posting art on the streets etc. During this time, he started his gallery, the “Dyezu Experimental Gallery” in Nakameguro, Tokyo,
and he also worked in New York as a member of Barnstormers, a painting collaborative.

The art by Naomi was created by a passive element of finding beauty, in conjunction with the color composition and organic graphic shapes, resulting in abstract expressions.
The actual creations projected overwhelm even Kazama himself as they are brought to life through the chaos and wonders of the natural life forms.
Every one of us exists here in organic synthesis through the environment, intentions, and DNA, colliding and influencing each other.
The existence of things made without a set agenda is so interesting and beautiful as the footsteps left behind on the beach.
Throughout his years in art, instead of trying to find a right answer, he is always more interested in simply questioning the fundamental ideas and continuing to create art inspired by this curiosity.
In 2010, he started a silkscreen unit, called “STRANGE” – Now became “Big O r ganic project by Little group”,and an apparel brand, called “SEAPPLE,” which creates shirts exclusively with organic cotton,
hoping to spread the positive affirmation “YES” to the world.

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